Backing up my forum.


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Depends on how you want to back it up, and if you are backing up the database only, or all the files for the forum. Are you going to be storing the backups offsite on a different server / storage place?


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I personally have a VPS with Backupsy, and use that to store all my files on there. I installed Rsnapshot on there, and configured it to connect 4 times a day for full incremental backups. I also have another script which drops a copy of the database each night and copies that onto there as well.


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I don't need to unzip it, as the backup file is already there.
On the server? That's a problem.
When something's going on wrong on the server you will lose everything.

Where do I check the size on the server, though?
In phpMyAdmin click on the database, on the right bottom it should show around 400 MiB.

"The last backup I took, which was on Friday, was 395 MB."
How do you know its size?