XF 2.1 background of the footer


Good evening, how are you?
I have a problem with website design
I would like to edit the background of the footer as it is clearly visible and make it transparent
I tried all the solutions and I have not found a solution yet


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Looks like you've modified the footer a bit but this in extra.less should work:

div.p-footer-text, div.p-footer-text > div {
    background-color: transparent !important;

Although... your background won't cover that, normally it would but you've modified it so the footer doesn't sit inside the div where you've placed the background.


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This default template has been modified and colors have only been modified. I have not found any option or rights area

.p-pageWrapper is not where you place the background. It should be placed in .body

Here is how it looks hopefully that is what you are asking for.