XF 2.1 Background Image Scroll then Fixed?


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I currently have a rather large 4k image as my background, and what I'm noticing is if i push the image down to line up with the Navigation because I want to top of the image showing, but then when scrolling it creates a gap below the navigation and above the image, even though theirs plenty of space for the image to scroll up.

So what im asking is there a way to allow the image to scroll up a few hundred PX before locking into place, so that it follows the navigation bar, thus allowing me to show the top of the image, on the home page, while maintaining the seamless gap on pages that have more content? I would take a screenshot to demonstrate, but windows screenshots don't work anymore....

Similar to this https://codyhouse.co/gem/alternate-fixed-scroll-backgrounds/ but with only one image.

Sorry :D

Thanks in advanced :)

EDIT: Windows Decided to let me take some screenshots, attached.


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