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XF 1.3 Background image - how to set it up?


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I'm already using a background image on my live board. Now I was trying to test something on my test forum and trying to set a background image, but it won't show. Really don't know what else to try...

I tried with Style Properties -> HTML -> Background (adding path to an image).

Also tried by adding a code to EXTRA.css (that solution I have on my live board and it it working there!):

@media (min-width: 1025px) {
html {
  background: url(/@imagePath/xenforo/background/moss_4.jpg) !important;
  background-attachment: fixed !important;
  background-size: cover !important;

@media (max-width: 1025px) {
#header {
  background-color: @primaryDarker !important;
I really need some help - what am I doing wrong? Don't know how to set it up for my test forum, although I have it on my live board o_O


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Ahhhh.... :eek::confused:o_O:cry::notworthy:(n):sick:

My url link was wrong...

Anyway, how can I make areas (see screens where arrow points) transparent?

If I put opacity to pageWith or pageContent the whole page got affected. I would like to have sidebars and discussion list etc. visible normally.