"Back to Top" arrow in every post - Template Edit

"Back to Top" arrow in every post - Template Edit


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Jordyn submitted a new resource:

"Back to Top" arrow in every post - Template Edit - This adds a arrow to every post so you can zip back to the top of your page faster!

We know not that many xenforo users like to do main template edits. But this tiny template edit really actually is cool and comes in handy. @Manster54 came up with this idea, so big thanks to him, credits to you. I probably would have never thought of this, so thanks mate, as i have this edit on my board now to :D You don't realize how handy this is till you try it! I actually wouldn't mind @BassMan to make a addon for this for those that do not like...

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Thanks @Jordyn but the idea wasn't mine, this is from the fertile mind of @ozzy47 who a few years ago did this as a vB4 mod. He's not coding anymore but really, this is a "can't do without it" item and I'm glad you ran with the idea and brought it to xenforo!
Thank you for tagging me, @Jordyn. I've packed it as an add-on and add some style properties if someone finds it useful.

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