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I am offering Full-Stack xenforo development service.


  • XenForo Custom Development.
  • XenForo Addon Development.
  • XenForo Custom Style (From PSD or your ideas).
  • XenForo Native Mobile App.
  • XenForo Bug Fix.
  • XenForo Server Management & maintenance.
  • Convert All Cms Database To Xenforo And Opposite.
  • Xenforo Crawler Data.
  • ..................

You may contact me via conversation, Ticket on my site or skype ID.

Skype: live:.cid.6d4d6c4c554caa7b
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He done this job for me.
He made a wonderful work.


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They did a really fine job on a small addon for me. I needed a way to download hotlinked images and their tool did exactly that.

It only took a day or two for it to be completed.



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Really responsive to requests and got the task done in a timely manner. In fact, he quoted 8 hours and it was delivered in less than 5 after payment was verified to be received. The first addon had a minor issue (liveable, and could've just been a browser-specific issue, but I'm OCD), and he got it fixed up and perfected the 2nd time around—quickly after pointing it out nonetheless!

Would recommend anyone to contact @AwesomeForo to see if he can tackle your addons. 💯


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he started a conversation with me about a ADD ON, then we agreed, I asked for his PP address to make the payment and then no replies. He told me he was able to deliver same day!

This smells fishy, in the mean time I also got a message from this Fahad ashraf user. But he is unable to accept paypal so I can't use him.

I think I will find someone else this looks very fishy and that for a $20 job :D


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Paid more then 2000$ he never finished our deal..waiting already 5 months, he work little bit in start and then he stopped working and now he is not working for last few months..and not answering for whole month..

Before i paid him he said that he is fair and that i should believe him that he will respect our setted date and finish everything
but as soon as he got money he start delaying..he delayed me so much for monthes, he even lied that his whole family died
and many other bullsh1t stories that i found out that everything he said was lie

i was nice to him i even send him some money on his birthday and once he asked me to borrow him 100$ i gave him and said that he don't have to give me back that 100$ i also helped him with Crypto and i offered him 30.000GBP

he is not nice person, manipulation with other people..i have hundreds of photos - proofs of what he is doing to me and other people
i also have his bank account and 5 emails so i will probably press charges against him because he scammed so many people

I thought that this guy is nice but the is worst kind of scammer, so much lies and careful dealing with him, don't hire him for any deal that cost more then 30$
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