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When I updated, I got this:

And it crashed my site. I had to disable it.


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Nobita.Kun submitted a new resource:

Avatar Moderation - Manage all avatars of user before publicly

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Hello! I purchased this wonderful addon. Thank you.

I would like to make a couple of comments, whether it is possible to do in the next version, which is a warning that avatar of member is awaiting approval. For example it is possible that nobody except the owner of an avatar sees it, and part of avatar is hidden under the transparent gif image, and is top / botton written that the avatar expects approval.

The reason for my proposal here's where member upload the avatar, the time when the member receives a warning that autarchy must be approved by a moderator, a very short, and many probably think that something is wrong.

Also think if avatars awaiting approval, need to disable the ability to upload the new avatar, because this operation takes place in an empty, and can cause a question from members, it is better to add a warning that the avatar is uploaded and is awaiting approval.

I so sorry about my English. I hope you will understand my suggestions and find them at least in part beneficial.

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Please confirm a possible bug:

Approve one Avatar and "do nothing" to a second.

What I'm getting is a forum error:
Not support the action name: ``

No problem when all are approved.


Xen 2 allows auto-login accounts to impose their own avatars. There's no option to turn this off currently.