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It didnt quite work as expected. is there an option to limy characters for location?
The default limit is 50 characters. It looks great when the member uses a minimal amount of characters for the location as it's floating right. Looks terrible when there are too many characters.

In previous versions of Xenforo the data was below the label, like this:

San Francisco, CA
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If you want to have the maximum character limit be lower than 50 characters, you could edit the following file:


Look for the following line and change the 50 to whatever value you want.

'location'  => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'default' => '', 'maxLength' => 50),
Any way after the change of characters to refresh and fix the long names? I used both of your suggestions, Reduced characters to 19- (won't fall to next line) and added brogans CSS.


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If you added Brogan's CSS I would revert back to 50. It will make your life easier as you need to apply that on each update. But no, there is no way to retroactively enforce a character limit.