Fixed  Avatar for threads you start has black border on right hand side


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For threads you start the mini avatar is no longer overlayed.

However, the main avatar now has a black border on the right hand side of the image.


A related issue is the pop up for the number of posts you have made in your own thread doesn't appear obviously as there is no mini avatar.


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OK, I've found the problem.

For some reason it is possible to move the avatar right over to the left, past the edge of the avatar.
So that then puts a black edge down the right hand side.


If you look on the right hand side of the mini image you can see the dark grey border is slightly wider.

What's odd though is this has only just started, I haven't touched my avatar for a week.


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In debugging a similar issue, I think this may be a rounding error. For example, with my test image, Chrome gave me a maximum crop value of 42px, but FF let me do 43px.