XF 2.0 Automatically use IMG Tag

Hi, XenForo Team,
When I insert a hyperlink to a video from YouTube or to a post with a twitter, the hyperlinks are automatically converted to media. But if I insert a link to the picture, then it remains a link. To do this, use the "insert image" button. Is there an option or plugin that would automatically, depending on the file extension in the hyperlink, convert the hyperlink into an image or apply the IMG tag automatically, without using the "insert image" button ???

Thankful in advance for answers.

Chris D

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It's nothing we support out of the box, though it might be possible with custom development. I'm not aware of any existing add-on which will do it.


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Unless you’re automatically copying and hosting the image yourself, doesn’t that lead to unwanted hotlinking? Seems like a big can of worms...
AndyB's ConvertImage might do what you want - it harvests external images and converts them to attachments. I don't know whether it works under 2.0, but we use it in 1.5.

Chris D

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That works for hot linked images already in IMG tags to attachments. The OP wants URLs which are images to be converted to IMG tags.
Perhaps I misunderstood. We use ConvertImage to harvest the images from the external photo links & insert them into our attachment database instead. That way we won't have the problem of useless posts due to disappearing external images. PhotoBucket really screwed us up when they started holding our users' photos for ransom. The external links in posts show PhotoBucket's ransom note now, instead of the photos. And the posts are useless. Do YOU see the lever he's asking about?