Automatic prefixes for threads


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I have an Event forum using Jaxel's XenAtento system and this is set up so that it puts the location of the event at the start of a thread title. I've edited Xenatendo so that the location is in fact a choice from a dropdown menu: PS3, XBox or PC. So, threads in this forum always start with one of these 3 terms.

What I would like to do is use prefixes (as they stand out more) to show PS3, XBox and PC in different colours and for the appropriate prefix to be added depending on which of these terms is at the start of the thread title. Ideally I'd also like to remove the PS3/XBox/PC text from the thread title so it just shows the automatically added thread prefix and the rest of the title.

So firstly, is it possible to have automatically assigned thread prefixes based on the contents of a thread title like this and if so, any ideas how I'd go about doing it? Secondly, if it can be done, any idea how I'd go about automatically removing the PS3/Xbox/PC text from the thread title to make things look neater?