Lack of interest Automatic permanent deletion of posts flagged as spam by Akismet


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When we check the StopForumSpam database, our options are moderate or reject.

When we check the Project Honey Pot database, our options are moderate or reject.

When we configure Spam Phrases, our options are moderate or reject.

Yet when Akismet flags something as spam, our only option is: moderate

So far I end up deleteting 100% of what Akismet flags as spam in XenForo, and I've had the same experience for years with WordPress. I don't expect the percentage ever to drop, i.e. I really don't need to review these posts at all.

I don't even want to see the stuff in the first place. With XenForo it takes two passes to get the rubbish out of the way:
  1. Pass one is when XenForo tells me I have posts to moderate, so I scroll down the list and flag every single one for deletion, then press the big button at the bottom ... which doesn't really delete anything.,
  2. Then I have to go into the forum view (where they would fill 1-3 pages daily if I let them accumulate) and permanently delete all the garbagenous thread so they won't ruin the experience for those with moderator & admin privileges.
So please, in Admin CP | Options | Spam Management, underneath the entry of the Akismet key, add something like:

Action if Akismet flags a post as spam:
  • Require manual approval before the post is display
  • Permanently delete the post


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I patched this by changing _checkAkismet in /library/XenForo/Model/SpamPrevention.php to return RESULT_DENIED instead of RESULT_MODERATED, should be low risk since the spam phrases check can be configured either way and will cause the same path to be followed in the code.

No new spam posts to be moderated arrived overnight! :)