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Automated deployment tools?

I'm working on a solution for automated deployment and production maintenance with CloudFoundry (or Chef) and would love to know what tools people have developed and use to manage multiple XenForo installations in production. Manual/Web UI deployment and site configuration isn't a workable solution for us. I want to manage the configuration changes in github, stage them (CI?) and then deploy to production.

I'd love to hear what others have done on this front. An obvious choice is to build a CLI toolset to set options, install/upgrade/uninstall addons and styles, set style properties and generally initiate admin actions from a script or recipe. A variation is to use an HTTP API (REST) and curl.

Is there something approaching this tool for WordPress management? My fingers and toes are crossed that XF2.X.X has modern dependency management, complete unit and functional tests and configuration management baked in but I'm looking to deploy soon on the 1.4.X platform.


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Nothing? Does everyone update their add-ons by hand using FTP and a browser?
I would think so.

Especially when it comes to paid add-ons from many developers. There may not be a way to obtain the latest version without logging into the developer's site and entering information to download.

And multiple XF installations means multiple licenses. So, you'd probably run into the same problem with XF.


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I have a python script which unzips addons, copies files to the right place, applies any custom patches I have and then pushes them to a Git repository.
Then on the server I log in by hand and pull from the Git repo to update.

Mike Creuzer

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I think the main issue with a deployment tool is that that upon upgrade/install/uninstall of any addon or theme there needs to be a recaching of all logic in the templates. Its not just running queries/moving files even though thats part of it. At least thats my understanding.