XF 1.5 autoCompleteList keeps hidden


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I have a very strange behaviour in my production environment. When I write a post and mention a user typing @ + username a suggestion list with user names should appear.

The list is actually created, but it only shows up for half a second.

Looking at the source code I found this
<ul style="position: absolute; z-index: 1001; display: none; top: 3460.87px; left: 539.5px;" class="autoCompleteList">some html with suggestions...
Suggestion list is always set to "display: none", but I don't know why and which script could be responsible for it. Any ideas what i can do or where to start with debugging?


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The list being hidden when not needed/applicable is expected, so it's likely that something is triggering to hide it.

I'd have to recommend testing on a default style (without ads) and with add-ons disabled to see if anything is triggering an event that could lead to it being hidden.