Add-on Auto-populate Page Based on Usergroup/Custom User Field Data

What I would like to do is have a page list all members that are in a certain usergroup and from there, sort those members into sections based on their selection in a single-selection drop down menu. I know that there is an addon that can list certain usergroups but I an wanting to break down that usergroup into separate sections without having to create separate usergroups. Below is an example of what I'm looking for

Is there an addon that can do this already? If not, is it possible and if so, how much would it cost for an addon developer to create?
  • CHAPTER MEMBERS (usergroup)
    • Arizona Chapter (Custom User Field Selection)
      • Arizona Member 1
      • Arizona Member 2
    • Arkansas Chapter (Custom User Field Selection)
      • Arkansas Member 1
      • Arkansas Member 2
      • Arkansas Member 3
    • Florida Chapter (Custom User Field Selection)
      • Florida Member 1
      • Florida Member 2