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Auto lock posts, threads after time


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I'm now going to be up to my neck in XF which was more of a hobby prior. I'm not familiar with all the mods that are most popular but I'm noticing some going in and out of the resource manager here. This is one that is critical for me and the only one I could find seems to have had the download removed. If anyone can suggest what I need below, I'd be greatly appreciative.

1) After a period of time, posts get locked and unable to be edited. That's in the group permissions.

2) After a period of time, threads get locked and unable to be added to. This one is not an option and is usually an add-on, not built into the software.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The first one is a standard user group permission - Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes):

The second one requires an add-on.


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Right - that much I got. But which add-on, if there is one, since the only one I found is now gone and also doesn't work. If not, will have to do a mysql query to lock all the old threads periodically and I guess I could create a cron job to do that periodically. Thanks.


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Interesting... must have been logged out so the download is available. However, may not work with 1.3. If not, I'll just create one. Thanks to all.


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Thanks Nobita - what I need is to autoexpire threads so that they become locked and unavailable to spammers to drop stuff nobody notices.