XF 1.2 Auto bann after certain infraction points


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I have a question regarding this tool. Lets say a user gets banned for a week after reaching 100 points, which happens to be the bann mark on my site. From that point on he keeps getting banned after 1 point infractions. I'm running xF 1.2.2

I guess this is not supposed to happen. I must be missing something.


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Actually, I'm not sure -- it's not clear.

Whenever the points thresholds are crossed, an action will be taken. When they're already above a level, another point shouldn't do anything (unless there's another threshold).
I tested this, I warned a user with 3 points (the threshold) and the user was banned (everything ok so far).
After a few days the warning points expired (and so the ban), and I gave the user a 1 point warning, and it's banned again.

It seems that the warning action is using both the expired and current warning points