authentication across subdomains


I have following situation, my project will look like following (PHP Xenforo) ( own project)​

I would like now that Xenforo is the master for creating an account.

But then the user should be able to use both platform with 1 Login.
Doesn`t matter if they login at the Xenforo and change to the ASP subdomain or vice versa. :sneaky:

Does anybody know how such a mechanism has to look like?
Is this possible at all :confused:



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Should be possible. You'll have to make sure the cookies are set to the right domain and path, something like:

Path: /
Then you just need to have ASP.NET read the cookie and look up sessions correctly, which shouldn't be too difficult.
I will give it a try - when it should be more difficult over subdomains, I could change it also to one.

If somebody alrady has done something similar, please tell me.
I think it would be freaking awesome if we could use the Xenforo Session to authentify in other plattform or systems too ;)