Authenticated RSS Feed for Resource Manager

Gene Steinberg

Well-known member
I have a web developer who can manage his PHP and all. What I'm looking for — and I'm surprised no such thing exists — is an encrypted RSS feed add-on for Resource Manager.

Our situation is this: We use RM for premium (upgraded) members to access special audio/video files. We need a method to automatically alert them when new content is posted, and some want to be able to download the audio files into an app such as Downcast for iOS. With other systems, they can just enter the URL of the feed into Downcast, enter username/password to the encrypted area, and get their files.

I have tried to find an existing add-on that'll do this, but nothing available for RM performs the task or even works.

I am not in a position to invest a lot in such a project, but if this can be done simply, I can work with my developer, or a developer active with XF — and perhaps arrange for him to post it to the entire community.