August Update


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Previously we posted about XenForo 1.2 being delayed without an estimated release date. Unfortunately, there is no update on this matter and we are unsure of when we will be able to provide more information on XenForo 1.2. The toll of the ongoing legal issue weighs very heavily and has far reaching effect.

That said, all current versions of XenForo are supported. Some of that (invaluable) support comes from the community, for which we are grateful. Jake and Slavik are doing a marvellous job and their efforts are exceptional.

We appreciate the concerns and frustrations of the community, even if we are unable to provide (or don’t have) feedback or announcements as often as we would like, or indeed at all. For some this is unacceptable. We acknowledge that this is the case. Please bear with us in this difficult period. We have the current version of XenForo, in its splendour and with its shortcomings, with which to work.

Additionally, as many of you know there are also personal issues to deal with. As you can appreciate with any personal issue, it can be a complex and sensitive situation, and while your thoughts and messages of support are welcomed, we also request you to be mindful of this and ask for your understanding.

We thank the community for your ongoing patience and support. We look forward to a time when we can look back on this dark period as part of the history of XenForo and to a time that is more positive.