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Does Xenforo have an attachments "manager"?

What I mean is if I upload an image to a thread and decide I want to attach that same image to a post somewhere else within the forum, does Xenforo require I re-upload that image, or are attachments stored where you can just select it and add it to the post? Other products out there have that feature and also include images that are uploaded to say a gallery or something.

Thanks in advance!

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
Thanks for the response...actually it does have it, "Media Gallery Embed"

How would you embed previously attached images in one post to another?
I do this, but it means I have to find the original post with attachment, then right click to get the actual attachment URL and embed in the second post using the image icon and padre in the URL

This saves uploading again but is a bit clunky and relies on you being able to find the original post.

It would be worth suggesting an attachment managed in the xenforo suggestions, I would like that.