XF 1.4 Attachments query

Hi all,

A quick question i'm struggling to find an answer to i'm afraid.

A user of mine has thrown her toys out of the pram and left the forum in a huff. She's also deleted a load of really good content she produced.

I'm in the process of restoring this content at the moment from the version history - however, she's deleted the attachments to.

Can someone confirm my fear which this means they are gone for good? I was hoping the link was deleted and not the actual attachment from the server :(

If that is the case, does anyone know a search engine that caches images!? haha.

Thanks in advance.


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I can't comment on the attachments (I'm interested in the answer to that). However, in case you are unaware, you can revert message edits in one go in the ACP. Go to ACP and find the user, then from the Actions dropdown choose Revert Message Edits.


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If the posts themselves were just soft deleted then the attachments would still be available.

If though they edited the posts and deleted the attachments, then they are gone.

You would need to restore from a backup to get them back.