XF 2.1 Attachments permissions issue



Had an odd thing where users could not see some attachments. The URL's where the same as others ie IMG and Attach. The permissions were set across all the groups and analysed on both a user and node basis and there were no issues found. But on testing with a 'test account' (please can we have that function back in the admin CP!) the attachments are not visible and if they do provide a link they return a permissions error but some just show a truncated URL with the domain missing.

The problem seems to be that these have been attached to a private conversation. These URLs have then been shared. I understand the issue here but could there be a setting to switch off the private setting they are set to? Have I missed one?


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Only those who are participants of the conversation can view attachments from that conversation.

There is nothing which can be done to change that - it is a permissions/privacy issue.