Attachments and File Fingerprinting?

First ... I would imagine that attachments are stored in the file system, yes? Does xF have the ability to redirect attachment links to a different URL, i.e. vs.

Second ... maybe it would be a good idea to implement some sort of file fingerprinting in xF? I see many new file/archive solutions these days fingerprint a file and essentially only keeps on version of a file. For example, if Bobby uploads a image file it checks to see if the file is already on the server by analyzing a fingerprint of the file and matching it against files that are already in existance. If the file already exists, it just puts a link to the file that is already there. If the file doesn't exist, it uploads the file. This should help cut down on wasted stored space by users who insist on uploading the same file multiple times.


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the kind of fingerprinting you are suggestion i believe would be pretty much impossible to manage!

i mean crc32 checksum is i believe one of the easy methods. but it still would require the two files to be identical in nature.

screenshots, images are hardly going to have similar fingerprint no matter how much they are alike!


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The ability to prevent duplicate file attachments is one of the key features introduced in vb4.

To add it to xenForo will require an additional table and some code to check the hash of the attachment and create a pointer to the single resource. Also additional code will be required to only delete the resource only when there isn't anymore posts referencing the attachment.


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Yes... but for people like me who have 20+ GB in attachments, that would really help to cut down on unnecessarily used space.
I have 65GB in attachments and I don't have a single duplicate attachment. Yes it's very important to me that this feature be added in xenForo.