XF 1.1 Attachment size per usergroup, per user


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On one board I have we all exchange a lot of document attachments so I limit the upload to 1Mb to limit overall webspace used.
But to do their job a few staff members need to provide users with documents containing helpful support images which increases the size of the document file a lot.

There is no way to enable these specific staff members to have an increased upload allowance. They have to go outside the board and use email.
We can sometimes upload the document separately from the image files, multiple upload on one post. That is often not helpful as the images illustrate instructions in the text.
Nor can we use webpages as these help documents are usually specific to a one off situation which does not repeat.

Anyone know of an addon - code snippet - workaround?
Ideally I need to enable specific users to have a bigger upload allowance.