Add-on Attachment/Media Manager

I would like an add-on that creates a page on the forum, which aggregates attachments to posts around the forum. So for instance if users attached a few images, an mp3, and PDFs to various posts recently, this Attachment Manager would aggregate download links to these attachments on one page.

This would be visible to all registered users.

I have this on my forum in SMF and have provided a screenshot of basic functionality: a table of [download link with file name], [File Size], [User who Posted it], [Thread posted with date], [Number of Downloads]

Users should be able to
- Search against file name (and preferably message title and poster name)
- Sort by Date, Download Count, etc

Special area at the top should feature
- Top Downloads in the past 30 days
- Top Downloads of all time

Administrator should be able to filter which filetypes show up in the Attachment Manager -- for instance allow MP3 but disallow PDF.

See attached for a basic version I have in SMF.