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As designed Attachment made in admin area

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
This may be as intended but I just thought it was worth checking.

I had made an attachment in an admin area of our forum, it was a picture of a business card design. When I quoted that post and pasted it in the public area, only people with permission to view the admin thread could see that attachment - everyone else saw a broken link.

Also I made a template mod so that existing attachments show up when they are quoted or re-used, but I verified that this also happens without that mod (one of my sites has it, one does not).

I made an attachment in an admin thread, then quoted that and made a new thread in public and inserted the quote.

On another browser not logged in, permissions set for guest to view content and attachments, clicking the link takes you to a "you must be logged in" page / error.

If I move the thread from the admin area to the public area, attachments are visible, no problem.

So if I had to guess, there are permissions tied to attachments, depending on where they are made?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
One factor we use to determine an attachment's viewability is whether or not you can view the host content. In this case, if an attachment attached to an admin thread, or indeed a conversation message, then only the people who have permission to view that thread or conversation can view the attachment. This behaviour is very much as designed.