XF 1.3 Attachement thumbnail border?

Hi guys,

I'm just wondering if there is a way to change the border that surrounds attachment thumbnails to another colour? Currently the border is white and it does not stand out very well on the background of my posts. Any ideas? :)

Sorry, total noob alert :D

When you say rgb code do you mean:

border-color: silver; 67, 21, 83


border-color: silver; R67, G21, B83.

Sorry to be a pain but what is the exact code so I can just change the individual RGB values to my desired colour. :)
Thanks, so like this:

.attachment .boxModelFixer.primaryContent
    border-color: rgb(67,71,53);
Which I place at the bottom of the EXTRA.css template?

I've done that, refreshed and nothing has changed:



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It works fine on a default style.
So either it's a style issue or you have some problems with your EXTRA.css template.

Add it to the top of the template.
If it works, you have malformed code in the template somewhere.
Thanks for trying, but moving it to the top still didn't solve the problem. Probably to do with the custom theme. I'll live with it until I can get something done about it. Thanks :)