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The option to 'Associate Existing Account' upon registration is absolutely useless and needs an update or removal.

Scenario 1: User has a username/password account and attempts to login via Social account using a different email:

  • Why does someone click on the Associate link? It is more likely a duplicate account is created here, however they have begun the Social Login and they are wondering why they have to pick a username again? Thinking they have already registered before, they click the 'Associate Existing Account' tab in hopes of proceeding with social login on the old account.

Current Process: The user is given an option to associate their account which doesn't actually do anything except tell them to logout, then go to a link they probably won't remember if they tried. It isn't hard to understand why this is not an intuitive process, if you can't understand why that is not ideal then there are likely other issues going on that need addressed. There might be reasons the software operates in this fashion, but that doesn't make them good reasons. It means something up the food chain somewhere needs to be changed.

Scenario 2: User logs in via social using an email shared by an existing username/password account. Extra tasks to perform a simple login which require navigating away from the current page is LAZY UX design.

Current Process: User is given a blocker message that likely results in them giving up and not posting anything.


Suggestion: Instead of giving blocker messages, allow them to login with the normal username and password associated to this account and then automatically link them.

The problem with forums is their accessibility in many cases. This is not even a FB vs Forums issue, this is just unfinished work that affects the life source of forum growth and interaction. Please take the time to finish this branch, someone slapped the 'DONE' tag on this one but it is an awful implementation.

If this is the finished product, this is the best XenForo could think of when a person logs in via Social:


Just show a dang login page and link the accounts for goodness sakes. If that isn't possible then whatever blocks that should be changed.
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