Lack of interest Assigned reports should appear at the top of the reports list


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What title says.

Currently there are two blocks on the reports list:
  1. Active reports
  2. Recently closed reports
I believe this should be like this:
  1. Reports assigned to you
  2. Active reports
  3. Recently closed reports
By the way I don't see the point of the "Recently closed reports"... I believe it's a waste of space... after all there is a button called "Closed Reports".



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Recently Closed Reports is for, obviously, recently closed reports while the latter lists all closed reports. If you don't want to dig through a lot of things, then the former is very useful.


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I use recently closed reports constantly on my forums and here. Allows my staff and I to see what's been dealt with (via reports at least) in the last day. If nothing appears, I know I don't need to catch up on issues.

As for having a separate section for assigned reports, I personally do not see the need nor have I run into a case where it has been necessary for me to require it. My policy (& at sites I moderate) is to deal with reports ASAP so the list is never long enough to warrant it.


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I know my forum hace moderation issue but even a forum with the perfect team would agree to my suggestion. The report list can get very long any time...