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Liam, Steve has taken a leave of absence to handle some personal issues. Therefore, there may not be updates to this for some time.
Hopefully he ok and able to come back and work on the classified ad add on he was working on also.

I am sure if he was not going to come back he would have notified contributors etc. ;-)


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All mods moved to http://mythotical.com

Site is open again with some changes, MyPortal 2.0 is coming along, I have instituted a new layout feature to make changing the layout more fluid. Using Jaxel's approach to layout designing and creation, this will open new options for members. I am also attempting to add an easy import/export block system making block creation by users much easier than currently. Lastly, the frontpage will have some nice CSS looks to help the blocks stand out a bit more and an option to use either a sidebar or use all 3 columns of the portal.

Questions I know that may be asked.

When will MyPortal 2.0 be ready? No exact date for release but I am aiming for another week.

Why use Jaxel's approach? Simple, I know jack squat about jQuery or AJAX, I am simply adopting the way he did his to my mod but I will include thanks.

Fair enough, will these new features allow for adding of our own blocks? Simple anwser, YES. Long answer, the creation is done through the install then all you do is export the block.


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MyPortal 2.0 -
  1. Admin layout section 1/2 done, installing and adding new layouts will not be implemented until 2.0.1
  2. Portal frontpage display of new layout in process
  3. New frontpage CSS in process
  4. Removed Events block and calendar block - may build a bridge to use XenAtendo by Jaxel
  5. CMS feature being redone to include better customization and CSS customization


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Ok the layout feature didn't go as planned, reverting back and going another route for the layout feature so I will not be adopting Jaxel's XenPorta approach.

I have a way in mind of doing it that I am going to attempt now.


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My computer is now getting shut down, packed up and I won't be back online until May 29th, but I will check the site on my cell from time to time.


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Move is done and we are unpacked, new desk in place since old one was broke during move. MyShop is being finished up then I will finish MyPortal, currently MyPortal is about 45% complete, just have to redo some of the style, redo blocks, add the new block manager and the new layout manager. The new layout system works flawlessly.


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MyPortal is in development again, taking it slow, going between this and MyShop, at the sametime doing custom work. Get stuff on custom work then I go to MyShop get stuff there go to MyPortal then do it all over again if I get stuck on MyPortal. Anyway, MyPortal will be my biggest add-on that will be free for now, at least until I get MyNewsletter updated and released.