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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Ask A Question - Provides an Ask A Question tab for visitors to find useful threads.


Provides an Ask A Question tab for visitors to find useful threads.

(Example of Ask A Question when first clicked)

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(Example of Ask A Question after visitor types something)

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(Example of Options page)

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(Example of User Group permissions)

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  • User Group determine which group sees the Ask A Question tab.
  • All phrases start...
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Dan Hawkins

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That looks great - congrats! Would you be happy to share the template code you used to create that?
Sorry, only just saw this.

Your best bet is to create a table grid, then use CSS properties to put a border on certain edges...

set the style on the top row (namely the middle columns) to have:
border-right: #eee 1px solid;
border-bottom: #eee 1px solid;

Then using CSS cast a grayscale over the images, then when the user hovers over the image, use the :hover CSS property to disable the grayscale effects. IMO this would give a neater impression during user experience.


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Always had the idea of something like this but more like:

- Define X Forum to be Ask A Question
- When user Clicks Ask a Question (Instead of New Thread), it appears the title search first (of the same forum).
- When user sees the results and they don't answer the question allow creation of new thread.

But i guess this addon aims for something more global, it's cool anyway ^^


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Would be good to see a 'Start a new Thread' button built into the core of this addon. Good work Andy. Simple and effective. @AndyB

Either a user configured forum for the new thread or if you want to get fancy a forum picker for the user to submit a thread to on the front end.
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What are prepared statements?
In simple terms they're sort of 'pre-compiled' sql which leads to the statement being parsed only once and executed many times. It avoids repeating DB analysis and optimization plans for every query that's run. In short, prepared SQL should run quicker.