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Believe in Football in Asia is created on 13 February 2022. I believe, when this forum is created, we are the only forum dedicated to Asian football. The popularity of Asian Football is ever-expanding. Being the largest continent on Earth, we believe that in the future, Asia will be a football powerhouse comparable to what European football is like now. Investments have been increased significantly over the years - world-class academies being established, state of the art stadiums, increase in foreign signings, etc. As they say, "The Future is Asia" - and we believe the same.

Our vision for this community

This community is in its infant stages. However, our vision as of writing is for this forum to be a strong community revolving around a common interest in Asian Football. A quality community that forges friendships online and offline with quality discussions created.

Some ideas of what this forum may turn into
  • Meet-ups (Travelling to local stadiums together, fan booths. hosting of events, organising kickabouts in your region etc.)
  • Forum contests (member of the month, member award system etc.)
  • A hub for Asian football news and discussions
  • A place that promotes cultural inclusiveness among the Asian community
  • Any other ideas or suggestions?
Come and join us

As mentioned above, this forum is still in its infancy stages. Hence, WE NEED YOU. We are nothing without our members. Member opinions and feedback are very much listened to and respected here. Be the first few members and be the foundation and pioneers for this community.

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