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I have searched through xenforo but have come up short finding if this actually happened... I was able to find some threads where the moderators replied with something to the matter of "they were done" but not posted because of personal issues - I can respect additional time however If they have not been posted I would find it pretty difficult to support a company who does not follow through with what they say.

I'm not a big poster here and more or less browse here and there to see if any Addons have been created that can help me build my community. I'm not a power user nor does my livelihood depend upon the success of my forums, I purchased xenforo prior to the beta being released and did so knowing that it would not have all the bells and whistles of other mature products. I purchased it because of the energy within the community and how hungry the developers were in churning out announcements and have you seen and etc.......

My point in all this is I have avoided all the drama threads and people demanding updates on personal lives of the developers and etc..... I don't care about any of that I simply want a company to follow through with things they said. When I saw ashley would be responding to some concerns I was excited to hear if there was some direction with the product - even though some of his responses would be to squash rumors, I felt as a customer it would be a great step in re-establishing trust and confidence between xenforo and its customers.

Some people like myself like to make informed decisions, I have seen so many posts where concerned customers are simply told "if your unhappy go somewhere else or if you need answers go somewhere else" I think that is a terrible approach, I'm not unhappy with the software itself, but because I am not a coder I am interested in the future of the product as if there is no future then it would be in my interest to start researching other platforms.

Also before I get replied by people or the moderators with the November or January court dates (I understand they are out there). But those dates do not mean anything because there has been no clear indication of what will happen even if xenforo wins, because xenforo has failed to communicate these things. They could very well win and some other nonsense take place.

So long winded aside sorry: the purpose of my post is this.

What is the status of Ashley's responses and why would a company regardless of personal issues not follow through with doing what they say they would?

Can a recap of the actual questions he will be addressing be posted somewhere so we know what answers are coming?

There are a lot of rumors out there about the development of xenforo and again I do not care about the personal side of the business I care about the factors that weigh in on stability and future of the product. In my opinion I would like those addressed i.e has development completely ceased, if xenforo was to win the US case will there be an immediate release that adds features to the product, if production on the product was ceased months ago will any type of extension to licenses be granted because of this? Anyway I just think there are things that can be addressed that are specifically oriented toward the business side of the house that would give people like myself a clear direction on whether or not to continue our support of the product based on knowledge then hopes.


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No information / updates are planned until either:
(1) things are dismissed in early November (seems unlikely to me).
(2) the trial goes forward in January 2013, likely done before the end of January 2013.
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