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I wonder if a slightly more fully featured article publishing mode will be introduced in a later version of XF.

At the moment, one can only post the article immediately, without being able to schedule a publication time and date. If something like the publishing options shown below could be implemented, that would be really helpful, since this is an important requirement for me. Please advise.

publishing options.PNG
I believe there is a suggestion for scheduled posting but in terms of styling, the approach in XF2 has been to reduce the amount of style properties.

That can be achieved with custom CSS or template edits though.
Thanks @Brogan. It's really just the publish now or on a date/time that I need (the others are good, but not critical) and it would really help to know that it's coming. Sounds like it's not possible to say either way though unfortunately, so I'll have to assume it's not, for now. IMHO, this is an important feature for article publishing and should be added.

I'll be upfront with you. I'm evaluating various forum products at the moment. but no one product has it all when it comes to meeting my requirements, although they're not especially complex, so I'm having a bit of a hard time deciding. I really like XF though, along with its nifty features and overall design. It's really well designed, solid and works very smoothly.
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