Are You Buying More Licenses In Support? I Am!

Anthony Parsons

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I only need 2 licenses, but now with IB taking action against xenforo, I'm buying 4, just as a donation to xenforo to assist their fight against Goliath. I hope xenforo establish a legal donation pool to help them fight this cause, and send out a global PR to garnish support for their cause. I would donate to that too...

Are you now buying more licenses to support the cause?


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I'll be buying one to start with, though I've talked about 3-4 people into possible licenses -for sure-.

I might buy a few more later on, depending on what we hear regarding the lawsuit (If they need financial support especially).


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Good for you but not everyone has the same income level and honestly any charity donation should be kept as secret.
I'm not going to disclose the exact amount, but that's around as close as anyone will get to know. For a forum software investment, it's not the most expensive, and if they've got money to flaunder of buy excess good which fall into a pathetic fallacy of wants, then they can afford XenForo. However, just one note: I am not sure how hard it is to earn $100, becuase £66 is pretty standard over here nowadays.
Hy there. I never use VBulletin before, just as an frontend user (maybe one time i saw the back end). But this XenForo will be great, I think. I always use MyBB for community, but i think i buy one XenForo license for testing purposes.

Keep it up!