Are You Blocked By Fortiguard?


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Quite seriously annoying to know that your site will be blocked by web filters just because you have a forum running on your root. I made my site for my wiki (which uses xencarta), but since the wiki is on xenforo, it's blocked by Fortiguard, which blocks sites that run forum software. It used to not do so but it's done it to a lot of site's recently. This really pisses me off. I mean I could request for them to unblock it but I don't want to with xenforo on the root and the site being mostly user-generated content. User-generated content justifies a block since user-generated content ain't always work-safe. This makes me think of Wordpress as an alternative for my site's root. I don't think it will block wordpress. I'm going to experiment with another domain first.


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Figure out how it detects XenForo, and find a way around it? It isn't sketchy (IMO) unless your content is actually not work safe.


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As I see it only categorize sites and it is up to the admin / customer to decide what categories to block. Getting out of one category doesn't really mean you end up not being blocked. I would say that trying to get around the filter might end up hurting you more in the long run.

At my job, The Sun is blocked because it is listed as "adult content"....

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My XenForo site is categorised as Games (correct) and therefore doesn't appear to be blocked.

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I tried to look up fortiguard but I am kind of overwhelmed with a few things at the moment, could some one kindly explain what it is?