Are There Sub-Groups or Group Inheritance?

Steve Freides

Active member
It would be useful for me to have a group hierarchy or inheritance or similar feature.

I currently have a group named Manual Approval Required for All Posts - does what I need, but I would like to have multiple groups, each with the same rights, but to help me keep track of why someone is on post approval, e.g.,
  • When They Joined, I Thought They Might Be a Spammer (so I want to keep an eye on all their posts if an until I'm convinced they're OK).

  • Regular Member Who's Gotten Out of Line (and I want to keep an eye on for now but expect they'll either be OK again soon or they'll continue to get worse and I'll have to take more action)

  • Mistakenly ID'ed Spammers (or so they say - people whose registration was rejected but they say it's not their fault and I decide to give them a chance)

So, in my ideal world, I'd make each of the above three groups children of my current group, and eventually move all current members into one of the child groups. The idea is that I can't possibly remember the history of everyone and this would help.

Thanks in advance for your replies.