Archiving Nodes?

Jeff Moser

New member
I just took over management of a community that has been around quite a few years. I've been a developer for 15+ years, but brand-new to XF.

The site owners want to make some significant changes to their node structure, including deletion and/or combining of similar categories/forums. From what I've read so far, it seems that a delete is just that, and the data is lost. Is there a way to preserve these in an archive, or perhaps just set them to not be visible to the public? I plan on a db backup before making the changes. But as their db is over 500MB, I don't want to keep that backup on the server indefinitely just in case they want some particular threads resurrected.


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Make a new parent/root node, call it "archive" and put the whole node tree without any changes into that node. Then set the "archive" node permissions to "private node". That should do the thing. And enables you to recycle anything on the fly.

Make a new root node and start over.

Jeff Moser

New member
Nice... So for the nodes that I want to keep, after the archive process, I can just drag them out of the archive (and I suppose confirm that permissions are correct)?

Thanks for the help, Freelancer!