Archiving discontinued forums question

I am making changes to my site, and in the process planning to discontinue less active or dead forums. Many posts in those forum from years ago do have value. I was thinking of creating an archive forum with the to be discontinued forums moved under it as sub-forums. They would be readable, but replies would no longer be possible in archived sub-forums.

Is this possible?
Is this a good way to do this?
Are there alternative ways to do this that I should consider?

I was thinking keeping many thousands of messages in archive on an active board would affect performance and always be part of backups and restores. I guess I am looking for ideas on what others have done in keeping part of their history and yet let users search for something they may remember and want to review later.


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What about hiding them from the forum list? Good idea or not?
Users and google can still find it if they want.