Archiving (cache) link solutions for XF or Wordpress


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I'm putting this in off-topic since I don't think it relates to just XF.

Does anyone know of a plug-in or add-on which actually takes snapshots of web pages which are linked and saves them to a local cache?

I know that XF has add-ons which do this for linked images - but my thinking is that there would be a demand for such an add-on for the pages themselves. Google and many other services cache pages so that, if the page is unreachable, a copy of it may exist.

Here is the use I have for it - it would seem that others may have similar uses. If your forum or blog largely consists of links to other sites - example would be how to fix a 1965 Corvette - it would be very likely that many of the sites you link to may close up....this is true of virtually all web sites, they don't last forever. Yet, the information is very important and having links to it which are cached would allow the site owner to rest easier that their links were not instantly dead when a web site ends...

There are plenty of tools out there which take snapshots (suck in) web pages or entire sites and make them portable - but none that I know of which interface with blogs or forums.

Anyone game? Anything out there?

Ideally, such an add-on would also report to the admins which links were dead and therefore cached, allowing the admins to update if they want...or not!

Another feature might be to interface the query so that it checked and linked to the internet archive matching page or pages....although locally caching is preferable.