April Fools



I like the fruit fly thing. Also rotating avatars. Using both.
Since one of my forums is new and don't get a lot of traffic, I didn't want to skew the page figuring they will never come back.
People rely on forums. Making them completely unusable, even for one day doesn't make sense to me.

The new google maps is looking pretty cool.

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all you need to do is upload the fool.min.js to the /js folder (i put mine is /js/fun/fool.min.js

then edit the PAGE_CONTAINER template and put this line of code before </head>

<xen:require js="js/fun/fool.min.js" />
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

change 'wonky' to which ever one you want to run. 'wonky' tilts the page off kilter a bit.
Or you can install the add-on I made in 1 minute and avoid any template edits. :D
I'm toying with the users on one of client sites and I enable/disable the add-on at random times so they wonder what is going on, LOL.


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I think it would have been a good April fools joke if xenForo and IPB converted to each others softwares for the day.

Technically impossible I know but I imagine it would be hilarious seeing the reactions. :rolleyes:
It would be foolish for any software company to replace theirs with someone else's, although I am surprised we didn't see anything for April Fool Day here.
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