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Imagine to approve 100 posts a day.
Imagine that the reasons for not approve and the comments for approving are most times the same.
Because every text field has it's own name, there are no old values to choose from.

How could I do this:

O Delete post
O [your post doe not fit to the thread]
O [your language cant be accepted]
O [ empty for new comment ]

O Approve
O [ Thank you for this high value information ]
O [ Next time please care for your language!
O [ empty for new comment ]

My way would be to extend the class and ask for the new form fields:

if delete_text_field = type_a
then $delete_reason = text from field a
else b
else c
else nothing

same to approve

my question now:
is there a way to solve this with the html in form only?

can I have three fields with same name and different values and decide which one I send?
with html, with js?
Can’t help but damn 100 posts per day under approval. You need a full time forum job my friend. Out of curiosity, what on earth is the reason for that many approvals?
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