XF 2.2 approval_item_user add host for any user


Hi to all :)

In XF 2.1 I had modified the approval_item_user template to display the host of users who registered.
This operation allowed me to see immediately if there were spambot domains or not.
I had changed {$ userIp | ip} to {$ userIp | ip | host} and it worked fine.

With XF2.2.2 instead when I add hosts to {$ userIp | ip}, the loading is so long that cloudflare times out (100seconds).
I also changed src / XF / Pub / Controller / ApprovalQueue.php 'unapprovedItems' => $ unapprovedItems-> slice (0, 50), to 'unapprovedItems' => $ unapprovedItems-> slice (0, 10), but it is still very slow.

I don't know what to do, do you have any ideas?


To solve the problem I installed this resource:
By modifying it I was able to insert hostname of the registration ip.