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I cant tell you any details, but I tell you whats happen every second day:

I have a list with 100 posts or new resources or new users.

Item by item, i watch them.
Some items I change, some i publish, some i move, some i change, some delete.

Whatever I do i start from the list, watch the item in a new window, do something or not, close the new window, check a radio-button and next item.
After some items I click [save]

and not it happens

some items of the list are used to be changed, but some icons of the list are not changed.
I have them again on the list of items to moderate.

Something between the ones published and the ones being again on the list as moderated items
stops the queue. But what could it be?

Yes, I have to tryout all possible situations. But mayb someone from XF has an idea, which action could disturb the queue?

delete an item, publish it, change it, move it.
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