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Hey everyone!

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Basic Description: A forum for people to get help regarding apprenticeships and other career options

Apprentice Forums is a UK-based forum for people to get help regarding apprenticeships and their next career move. The beauty of the forum is that you don't have to be from the UK to join, as we value everyone's opinions on careers - and if you can offer career advice to our young members that's even better for us!

We've even got an Off Topic forum in case you're not that strong with the careers part, you can help us out by posting in there. We value any kind of member!

Also, our design was created by our other Admin :)

Thank you


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Overall the style looks good Ryan. Maybe the Breadcrumbs need some tuning. There are some inconsistencies with the shadow affects Right top, and bottom corner. Login & register button css could changed to something reddish to fit the rest of the style.

Best of luck and success with your board. (y)


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Ryan, I think it looks great! The only thing I would do is remove or move the 486 banner from the header. Kind of looks messy.. But overall I love what you've done and I like the colors. Good job.


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Consider making the layout fixed. It's horribly wide on a wide screen. Maybe have a style that's fixed and this one you already have. There's absolutely no activity there in days. You need to work on some post exchanges, hire editors, use postloop etc. Otherwise it's looking nice and inviting. Keep on adding content and work on some deals to get editors into the site. Best of luck :)