API:On the issue of XenForo Api permissions

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Hello everyone, I have a question to ask you. About the api issue of the xenforo program. You can see that there are three types in the background settings: guest, user, and super administrator.
I now want to develop an application for my community to access, but I don't know how to use these interfaces safely and reasonably. If I use guest mode, I will not be able to log in. If I use user mode, only one user can be set in the background settings. The super administrator is very insecure. How can I make the settings?
I just want to submit a key in the post, username and password to log in, and after logging in, all its permissions can only be restricted according to the highest login user.


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You will need to associate your user name with your customer account in order to post in the relevant customer forums and receive support of that nature.
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