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Apex (Light) [Paid] [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Style Releases' started by Steve F, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    Steve F submitted a new resource:

    Apex (Light) - Perfectly Light

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Brent W

    Brent W Well-Known Member

    Looks great. What font is the logo?
  3. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    I don't remember right off and it looks like I overwrote the logo.psd. Will try to figure it out though.
  4. nodle

    nodle Well-Known Member

    Excellent looking style here sir!(y)
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  5. nodle

    nodle Well-Known Member

    May want to fix this on the help page. It's a little hard to read.

  6. nodle

    nodle Well-Known Member

    Also was the blue bar intentional on this part?

    Or was it suppose to look something like this?

  7. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    Have this fixed, uploading new packages now to the customer area.


    Uh you don't like the blue?!

    :p Well I thought it looked ok but I do like the gray better so it has been changed :)
  8. nodle

    nodle Well-Known Member

    Ok I hope you know I wasn't bashing your skin or anything. Just a couple of things that I noticed. I hope you don't mind me pointing things out. Keep up the great work sir!:)
  9. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

  10. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    It's all good, feedback is good. Only makes things better :)
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  11. nodle

    nodle Well-Known Member

    Sorry, don't feel like working today at work ;) But I did notice that the login you see below doesn't really fit the page. I noticed the pop up on the "Contact Us" pop up looks good though. So I think it would look alot better if the two blended like so:

    The old login:


    New example:


    Hope that helps. :)
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  12. surfsup

    surfsup Well-Known Member

    How can I add a banner in replace of where the search box is and move the search elsewhere? Just have a huge waste of empty space and need to put a banner block there.

    I also bought this and branding removed, thx ;) Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.37.27 PM.png
  13. Brent W

    Brent W Well-Known Member

    If they didn't like feedback they would have told me to shove off a week or so ago :p
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  14. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    That's a big logo! :p

    At any rate, did you by chance adjust the header logo height? This may be a bug with the placement of the search box. On my iPad so I can't debug it ATM but @Russ may chime in. Seems we need to calculate search placement with logo height in our options.
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  15. surfsup

    surfsup Well-Known Member

    I did to 200. I just dropped it now though. Got any ideas on making our logo smaller but still look good? lol
  16. Chojo

    Chojo Active Member

    Not too fancy, just perfect!
    Big font, flat color, clear frame... so easy on the eyes, no need extra fluffly thing, its just work!

    Love this theme, I will most likely replace my elegance theme by this one!
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  17. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Can you put the text on the right side? Or is that where the ad banner is going?
  18. surfsup

    surfsup Well-Known Member

    just need a 468x60 banner in header - kinda like what we have here www.truckmountforums.com
  19. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    Start a support ticket on pixelExit about the banner if you want and we'll see what we can do.
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  20. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

    Steve F updated Apex (Light) with a new update entry:

    XenBase and Apex Light Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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