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Apache 2.4 + php-fpm


Active member
So recently my server has been experiencing some slowdown and issues:


And I've asked my server to switch me over to nginx and php-fpm. They however have said they don't support nginx and but they can help me updated to Apache 2.4 and add php-fpm. Has anyone tried this setup or have any opinions on this?

Would the above setup be better then me switching to DSO and using Xcache/APC/ZendOpcache?

Btw, I'm on a dedicated with the following specs:
  • Intel Xeon Quad Core, 2.5GHz (8 threads)
  • 250 Mbps Uplink
  • 4 GB High Performance RAM
  • 1,000 GB RAID-1 Drives
  • 15 TB Bandwidth

Tracy Perry

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For most people that are concerned with performance, they are running either nginx, OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed.
Even with the improvements made to Apache it's still not in the same league as the above.... so probably most people that use Apache are using the default configuration/setup.