Anyway for Jcink to be imported?


Hi, I'm considering on purchasing a XF license, but I'm worried about importing posts/users/etc. from Jcink, which is an modified version of IPB 1.3

I know that there's a IPB 3.x converter, but is there a way for Jcink to be converted to XF?

Thanks for the help!


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No, IPB 1.3 is too old to be supported, what you'd have to do is buy an IPB license, upgrade your IPB 1.3 DB to 3.x (IPS can do this for you) and then from there convert from XF, sell IPB license.

It'll take quite a bit of time and money to accomplish. An easier thing to do might be convert to phpBB2, then update to phpBB3 and then from there convert to Xenforo, but there's no easy way to convert from IPB 1.3 > Xenforo.